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Kerr MMA | Progressive, Wing Chun-Focused Martial Arts
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Exclusive Fighting Style

A unique fusion of progressive, Wing Chun-focused martial arts forms the basis of the most effective fighting system in the world. Our style is defined by its versatility and adaptability. Our style is to not be limited by our style.

When Bruce Lee first came to America and watched the football-trained brawlers in Washington state, he intuitively understood the limitations of being restricted to a single martial arts style. His insight drives our primary objective: train here and be able to defend yourself against anyone, any size, trained in any style, including street fighters.

We are not about cage fighting. We are not about mindless aggression. We are about focused energy and unsurpassed technique that teaches the self-controlled, 21st century warrior to beat any opponent, every time.

Hands-On Training

We teach a striking-based martial art that utilizes the specific advantages of a variety of styles. We concentrate on being proactive and fast, and our goal is to be proficient in total-attack techniques.

This includes attacking footwork, striking combinations, trapping, standing grappling, sticky takedowns, groundwork, and the mindset required to translate inner alignment of energy to outer alignment of force. To achieve this we continually emphasize the advantages of each style, discovering how they align with the individual strengths of each student.

Our philosophy is to foster a friendly atmosphere and to use small, private lessons to ensure each student is given individual attention. Through our training we develop true confidence, the kind of inner confidence that translates to all areas of life.

Check out scenes from our dojo (swipe to move, hover to pause).

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Sijo David Kerr

Sijo David Kerr began training at the age of 12 under world-class Shotokan expert Dr. Bill Laich. Before he was 16 Sijo Kerr had mastered the fundamentals of Shotokan as well as a great deal of Japanese Jiu-jitsu. In 1984 Sijo Kerr moved on to begin four years of Muay Thai training, including small circle Jiu-jitsu and kickboxing. In 1987 he began studying Wing Chung under Sifu Tom Wong.

After five years of intense training with Sifu Wong, Sijo Kerr began teaching martial arts himself. Cross-training with a variety of other martial arts experts, he went on to master JKD, Krav Maga, Judo, BJJ, Sambo, Aikido, and many other lesser-known styles.

Eventually Sijo Kerr developed a fighting system that fuses the most effective elements of all the major styles, and a core mission to recognize raw energy in other individuals and empower them to achieve what they never thought possible.


Double Master's Degree (History & Economics)


Years' Experience Teaching High School


Years' Experience Teaching Martial Arts


Years Studying Multiple Martial Arts Styles

If you can only fight someone trained in your style,

you need a new fighting style.

Press play to learn more about Kerr MMA and its students.

Convenient AM & PM classes available (select a future date for details).


April  2017

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